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Dr. Kara Montz, ND

Dr. Kara Montz is a graduated Naturopathic Doctor who earned her degree from the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine. Through her education, research and experience, she’s helped people achieve their ultimate health goals. She works with clients ranging from digestive issues, stress, anxiety and fatigue, just to name a few. While the company is based out of Buffalo, NY, she works with clients online, that way you’re able to participate from anywhere in the world! New clients are currently being accepted if you’re looking to change your body and your life.

Currently, all appointments are virtual, which allows you to participate in the comfort and privacy of your own home.

About the company


Ultimate Health & Wellness was founded on the belief that living a healthy life is possible for everyone.


The principles the company stands by are:

  • Ultimate health and wellness is achievable and sustainable. It involves challenging you to change some of your most common behaviours and choices for ones that will benefit your long term health goals.
  • Everyone deserves to live an energized and vibrant life!
  • The people who thrive with naturopathic medicine are those that are resilient, open-minded and are willing to be guided to success.


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