Groom Body Transformation


Are you looking to WOW your fiancée (and everyone else) on your wedding day?

Your big day is coming up. It’s an exciting time and probably the moment both of you have been anticipating for a while! Now it’s time for you to deliver on that excitement! Yes, you need to make sure all the details go according to plan, but why ignore the most important part….how you look and feel on that day?

Why not walk into that day and let your partner see the best version of you? …confident and in shape!

You want to look good, right? You want your partner to look at you and want you, right? You want to keep that a physique that you can be proud of, and maintain, right?

Wouldn’t you want to shed a few extra pounds or put on a few extra pounds of muscle? After all, nothing would make the honeymoon extra special than the look into their eyes when they see the new and improved you! WOW!

You don’t want to doubt if she’s just as attracted to you on your wedding day as she was the first day she fell in love with you…so you owe this to yourself AND her. You always hear of those guys in a relationship who let themselves go, after they get hitched…well that WON’T be you. You also won’t be that guy who’s afraid to take his shirt off in front of others.

You’ll be armed with the knowledge and habits to help you shed weight and gain muscle! You’ll never have to go to a gym, or beach no less, and be envious about another guy’s physique or wonder if your partner thinks he’s more attractive. Your woman (or man) won’t be able to keep their hands or eyes off of you (and you won’t even have to thank us!).

You might hear through word of mouth, or YouTube, about some super-quick or super-complicated weight loss and bulking advice for guys. But those will only leave you hanging with half of the knowledge or will make assumptions that you already know a ton of other stuff beforehand! We aren’t that!

We won’t tell you to go into the gym and start “grunting out 5 sets of 4 plates on bench press”, while motivating you with examples and images of guys four times bulkier than you’d ever want to be who have well-paid models draped across their photo shopped or steroid-ridden bodies. What we are is a complete program that speaks to YOU that gives you ALL of the tools and shows you step-by-step how to do it. Our program targets grooms looking to impress themselves and their partners on their big day..and beyond!

In case you’re a numbers guy, a John Hopkins study found that if a 30 year old guy goes from being obese (not saying that YOU are) to a healthy weight, he saves an average of $28,000-$30,000 over their lifetime in productivity and medical costs! I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t have a problem with an extra $30,000 in my pocket at the end of the day!

Our limited space, premium program is going to concentrate on the important things, and make sure you ingrain them into your lifestyle, so that you’ll keep your results!

What you’ll receive with the

Groom Body Transformation:

  • 12 weekly weight loss modules. $2,400 value
  • 12 one-on-one sessions to help you stay on track and get your questions answered by a qualified health coach. $7,200 value
  • Downloadable Food tracker to determine and follow your daily dietary needs. $100 value
  • Food lists and sample meals to help customize your meals. $1,800 value
  • Recipe book that offers nutritional options for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. $100 value
  • A personalized nutrition plan constructed based on your specific caloric needs to make sure you’re getting the right types of food in a simple and clear way. $500 value
  • An exclusive Facebook group to discuss your progress with and get your questions answered by people who are going through a weight loss program as well valued at….PRICELESS

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