Attention all Brides-to-Be!!

It’s time to lose that extra weight before your wedding day, without having to feel deprived or starving.

Are you ready to get yourself looking like the sexy bride you know you can be?

We have the solution.


Let’s get you started with Bridal Body Transformation.

It’s time to make your big day about YOU again.

We want you to look and feel amazing on your wedding day.


You deserve it.

Invest in yourself.

You’re already probably spending a good chunk of money on your wedding, yet most (if not all) of those purchases won’t be benefiting you when the wedding is over.

Investing in your body and health will be something that you will see benefits from long after your big day has passed


We will help you lose the weight that you don’t want sticking around for your wedding day and the days after.

Dr. Kara’s personal story:

When I went to college, I gained 20 pounds-and let me tell you, it was not muscle mass. My clothes became too tight and I was so embarrassed.. I tried the detoxing, fasting, weight loss pills,- basically the quick-fix crap. None of it worked. I lost a few pounds here and there only to gain it back within a couple days. I wasn’t comfortable in my own skin anymore. To be honest, I felt like s*&!. I hated the way I looked in my clothes. I dreaded going out with friends because I was embarrassed about how I looked. That was four years ago. I lost 20 pounds with what we’ve since turned into this weight loss program. My body wouldn’t be where it is today if I listened to sooooo many people tell me that I didn’t need to lose weight. They would even tell me I didn’t need to work out because I didn’t have that much weight to lose. Some critiqued the food I was eating and would tell me they wouldn’t be happy living like that. Guess what? I love living my life like this. If losing weight, eating right and moving my body is what it takes for me have a happy, energized and enjoyable life-I’ll do it everyday. Once you finally feel the effects and see the benefits, you’ll realize how easy it is to not want to go back to your old ways. People don’t understand why others try to better themselves when they themself don’t want to improve their own lives. It’s easy to fall into a pattern of complacency. The majority of people that need to lose weight, don’t. Don’t let yourself be part of that unhealthy majority. It’s also easy for someone who is overweight to talk about another person’s weight saying that it’s fine They may even ask what losing 10-20 pounds would even do or how it could possible make a difference? Actually, 20 pounds is a lot and can make a huge difference. These people are typically unhappy with their weight, but don’t have the motivation or drive to do what it takes to lose it. They don’t prioritize themselves or their health.

We know that you take your weight and health seriously, you just haven’t found the program that will help you reach your goals. I know what it feels like: to be uncomfortable in your own skin. To hate looking at yourself in the mirror or hopping on the scale. Hating having to get dressed in the morning, because you know you won’t find something that isn’t too tight. To avoid having your picture taken because you know you’re going to look fat in it. I’ve been there. But we know how to get out of that place. I know how to lose the weight and more importantly, keep it off-which is why I’m here to help you lose it with this program.

Sign up today to feel amazing in your own skin again. You’ll be able to hop on the scale without wanting to cry. We’ll get you back into those old jeans you thought for sure was impossible. You’ll be ready to show off the new, slimmer you! To finally lose the weight and keep it off for good


Wondering what the investment for long-term, weight loss success is?


For a group setting , it’s not $5,000.


It’s only one payment of $3,197


 Don’t wait or procrastinate. This group program is only run a few times per year and spots are limited.




Choose the package that’s right for you:


One Payment of:




3 Payments of:


What exactly do you get with the group Bridal Body Transformation?



  • 12 weekly weight loss modules
  • 12 group sessions to help you stay on track and get your questions answered by a qualified health coach
  • Downloadable Food tracker to determine and follow your daily dietary needs
  • Food lists and sample meals to help customize your meals
  • Expertly created audio presentations on weight loss topics that you can listen to on the go
  • Recipe book that offers nutritional options for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks
  • A personalized nutrition plan constructed based on your specific caloric needs to make sure you’re getting the right types of food in a simple and clear way
  • An exclusive Facebook group to discuss your progress  and get your questions answered by people who are also going through or have gone through a program

This is everything you need to help you lose that extra weight, just in time for your wedding.

But that’s not all…

When you order today, you’ll get over $1,500 worth of




These very special bonuses will be included to help you on your weight loss journey:




Audio Recordings

(Worth $450)


You’ll get 3 audio recordings by Dr. Brish:

  •   All About Protein

Here Dr. Brish breaks protein down. He talks about what it does, what it’s used for and how much you really need. People talk about protein all the time, yet they don’t know the important facts that will help them lose weight effectively.

  • Top Food Myths

This one will debunk common myths about foods and the direct effects it can have on your health . He also gets into  what you can do instead.

  • Best Exercises for Weight Loss




1 FREE one-on-one session midway through the 12 week program

(Worth $600)


You’ll get 1 free session midway through the program with either Dr. Kara or Dr. Brish. This provides you with the opportunity to get any specific questions answered and to check in personally with how your progress is. This will happen between weeks 5-7.






 1 FREE one-on-one session at the end of the 12 week program

(Worth $600)


You’ll get 1 free session at the end of the program with either Dr. Kara or Dr. Brish. This provides you with the opportunity to get any specific questions answered and to check in personally with how your progress is going.



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